Worldcore – The World’s First EU-regulated Payment Institution Offering Voice Biometrics Authentication

Worldcore is the first EU-regulated global payment platform which presents innovation for clients’ comfort and unbeatable security, with a Voice Biometrics Authentication feature called VoiceKey.

VoiceKey can be used for both account access and payment confirmation. This is a truly touchless and safe authentication method with no passwords and PINs that can be easily intercepted. VoiceKey analyzes voices by over 100 parameters and there is no way to get unauthorized access to an account even if someone records your voice. This is an absolute advantage in comparison with retina and fingerprint biometrics technologies. “Worldcore as a trendsetter of the global payments industry, enabling this leading security measure to fight against fraud and simplify account access with up-to-date biometrics technologies,” says Alexey Nasonov, founder and CEO of Worldcore.

After opening a Worldcore payment account, the client records a voiceprint by saying one of phrases containing 10-12 syllables that are 3-4 seconds long. Such settings allow the user to provide us with enough information for voice analysis. Once voiceprint enrolment is completed, the user will be requested to say the approved phrase to access an account or confirm a transaction depending on enabled VoiceKey options.

Background noise is not a problem either. VoiceKey incorporates noise canceling and voice detection technology. A sudden change of the voice due to sickness can only be a problem for authentication in extreme cases.

VoiceKey is now presented in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese and Korean languages. More languages for the comfort of Worldcore foreign clients will be presented month by month.

The main advantage that voice biometrics have over other biometrics is the ability to prevent spoofing in case of data leak. If your fingerprint or retina data were stolen for some reason, the biometric security would be compromised beyond repair; you can not quickly and easily change your retina or fingerprint. However, because voice biometrics are based on text-dependent characteristics, you can simply make a new voiceprint phrase and delete all previous enrolments in case of a biometric data leak. In specific situations where fingerprints or retinal scans cannot be used, voice biometrics are usable and much more convenient.

The Worldcore payment platform is currently getting PCI DSS Level 1 compliant to start providing a payment gateway for e-commerce that will enable us to process credit card payments for our merchants. The complete solution will be presented before summer 2016.

The next valuable update is a fully-automated affiliate program that will be based on revenue share model with a variety of options for resellers and online advertisers of different levels.

The Worldcore management team expects to enter the mobile and contactless payments market in 2016 and an up-to-date solution will be presented with Worldcore Mobile Apps before the end of the year.

The company’s website will be presented in over 10 languages. Branded slim-tokens for extended security and new payment options to load an account and withdraw funds are being integrated to cover the maximum number of of P2P, B2B and B2C payment services.

Author: Jason Williams

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