WebNMS Reduces OPEX for Remote ATM Sites with IoT Solution

Industry leader to present and demo its WebNMS IoT ATM Site Manager

WebNMS, the leading provider of orchestration solutions that maximize the potential of telecom network and IoT systems, is exhibiting at the South East Asia ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) conference in Bangkok on April 28-29. The company will demonstrate the WebNMS IoT  ATM Site Manager which reduces the operational costs and improves security for expanding networks of ATMs.

Banks and other ATM network operators  are under immense pressure to tightly control costs while expanding their ATM networks across broad geographic regions. Escalating operational overheads includes rising energy bills,  inefficient manpower costs as well as unscheduled repair and maintenance expenses. These costs detract significantly from bottom line for the network owner. Moreover, security is a major concern for  remote ATM sites as they are susceptible to theft, fraud and environmental hazards.

The WebNMS ATM Site Manager provides the banking industry with state-of-the-art real-time monitoring, secure site control and green energy management. The solution reduces  energy costs by 40%, enables 97% uptime while minimizing maintenance truck rolls and increasing site security through 24×7 surveillance and intrusion detection.The WebNMS ATM solution tracks of energy consumption, equipment health, monitors HVAC, automates power management of ATM machines, air conditioners and lights through a single console, at a central operations center or by mobile administrators.

The ATM site manager is based on the WebNMS Internet of Things (IoT) Platform, a highly integated and customizable software environment for unified monitoring and control of networked assets.  WebNMS offers a wide range of IoT solutions for industry vertical, including its Cell Tower Manager, Solar Farm and Windmill Managers, Road Infrastructure Manager, Building Infrastructure Manager, Diesel Generator Manager, Smart Lighting Solution, Power Grid Monitoring Solution and Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring Solution.

As a member of the the South East Asia ATMIA, WebNMS  will demonstrate its ATM Site Manager at the show.  WebNMS solution experts will be available for detailed discussions at Booth #17 on the exhibit floor. The South East Asia ATMIA event is held on the 28th and 29th of April 2016 at the Hotel Shangri-La in Bangkok.

Author: Dylan Jones

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