Wargaming Selects ACI Worldwide for Global Payments Fraud Management

Global online gaming company utilises ACI’s UP Retailer Payments solution to gain comprehensive view of customer and fraud trends

ACI Worldwide, a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions, today announced that Wargaming, an award-winning online game developer and publisher of titles such as ‘World of Tanks,’ ‘World of Warships’ and ‘World of Warplanes,’ has successfully rolled out ACI ReD Shield®, its flagship eCommerce fraud prevention solution, across Europe. The company now plans to deploy the solution globally.

Wargaming, one of the leaders in the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) market, delivers a range of gaming experiences across PC, console and mobile platforms to millions of gamers around the world. While Wargaming has initially deployed ACI ReD Shield throughout Europe, the solution’s unique advantages and proven results will drive a global rollout—leveraging the many benefits it delivers as a single, consolidated, global fraud management solution.

ACI ReD Shield is a real-time fraud management solution designed to enable merchants to protect revenues, maximise growth opportunities and enhance customer experience. The solution is underpinned by ACI’s team of global risk analysts and provides merchants with insight into their customers, both at the point of payment and retrospectively through powerful intelligence and analytics.

We saw a dual benefit in building a direct relationship with ACI,” said Matthieu Chapelle, deputy ‎head of Global Payments, Wargaming. “Its fraud solution can help us accurately detect trends and prevent card fraud on a global level, irrespective of payment processor and geography. This is vital to help increase acceptance rates for genuine customers, support player loyalty and protect our reputation.”

Merchants that operate cross border have a huge challenge when it comes to preventing fraud, especially in distinguishing fraudsters from genuine customers since behaviours from each can often appear similar,” said Mike Braatz, chief product officer, ACI Worldwide. “In MMO gaming, genuine users frequently play with friends from other countries, which could be mistaken for the behaviour of cross-border fraudsters. MMO gaming is also a highly competitive, high-growth market where customer experience is paramount and operators must keep up with fast and frequent changes in both technology and consumer preferences. Our sophisticated tools—guided by our risk analysts—use real-time and historic customer and fraud transaction data to build an accurate, up-to-the-minute view of behaviour and trends. This intelligence is invaluable in supporting customer service excellence while keeping risk exposure low.

ACI Red Shield is part of the ACI UP Merchant Payments solution, which provides a holistic security and fraud solution designed to address PCI compliance requirements. UP Merchant Payments offers merchants an omni-channel platform that supports consumer payments from all channels—whether the merchant is processing high-volume credit and debit card-based payments from thousands of retail locations, deploying a pre-paid solution via a mobile wallet, or processing multi-national or online payments. UP Mechant Payments solution is a key component of ACI’s UP portfolio of solutions, which orchestrate all aspects of payments processing for any payment type, any channel, any currency and any network.

Author: Dylan Jones

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