Verifone offers first look at Mobile Payment Device

Today, Verifone is offering a preview of their newest mobile payment device, the Engage e285 mPOS which will be commercially launched at Money 20/20 Europe in June, 2017.

Please refer to this linked video for a first look at the device.

The e285 mPOS was created to:

  • Provide a mobile payments solution for emerging markets as it can run on 3G and accept all forms of payment by using the cell data infrastructure to make it easier and affordable for businesses to accept payments with or without a full POS system.
  • Be compact and easily customizable through Verifone’s App Marketplace.
  • Fit into our mobile lifestyle, giving the customer interactions by bringing the point of sale to them.

Features of the e285 mPOS include:

  • Running on Verifone’s powerful Engage platform that is commerce-enabled to run apps for loyalty, charity donations, offers and even entertainment
  • Offers complete freedom of mobility and range without the need for a paired smart device
  • Provides a cellular connectivity and payment device all in one…capable of using phone data, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to take payments for up to 12 hours
  • Feature a large, colorful touch screen with Corning Gorilla glass that allows signature capture

Author: Dylan Jones

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