“US Rate Rise is Certain – the Question is by How Much”

Jordan Hiscott, Chief Trader at ayondo markets

It’s almost certain we will see an increase in interest rates from the Federal Reserve tomorrow. The question now is not if they will increase, but by how much. The US economy added 235,000 jobs in February from non-farm payroll data, confirming a positive outlook for the US economy. Additionally, Wall Street is up 5% since the beginning of 2017 which is an impressive performance by any measure.

There is much discussion about whether this uptrend can continue with the possibility of the highest interest rates since 2007. In my view, this is certain as we have a generation of investors who have become accustomed to investments trends with the back drop of an extremely accommodative monetary policy from the FED. Going forward, with possible three rate increases for 2017 alone, I predict we will see trepidation for the equity markets in general.

Author: Dylan Jones

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