TP-Link Reaches the Great Outdoors with New Access Points

Auranet EAP110-Outdoor combines coverage and durability for external Wi-Fi

TP-Link today introduced a new outdoor Wi-Fi access point, the Auranet EAP110-Outdoor. Joining the acclaimed Auranet EAP series, the EAP110-Outdoor extends reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to public spaces.

From birthday bashes to football matches, selfies under the sun to movie nights under the stars, life is . . . well, livelier outdoors. As smartphones and tablets become extensions of ourselves, these moments are enhanced with a smooth, stable connection to the rest of the world. Luckily, the EAP110-Outdoor was designed to deliver exactly that. Since their introduction in 2015, TP-Link Auranet EAP Series Access Points and Controller Software have been acclaimed for bringing user-friendly, manageable and flexible solutions to professional-grade Wi-Fi networks.

Stable, Wide Wi-Fi for All Devices

The EAP110-Outdoor supports every modern network scenario, with maximized performance to deliver fast, stable Wi-Fi to every device. Wi-Fi speeds of up to 300Mbps on 2.4GHz meet your daily needs, including surfing, emailing and streaming. To optimize the network and every device on it, 2×2 MIMO supports more data transmission and reception for a stable connection to everyone, family and friends alike. With two high-gain omni-directional antennas, the network reaches distances of up to 200 meters, and provides robust 360-degree coverage. Just connect and enjoy Wi-Fi outside.

Flexibility and Passive PoE for Easy Setup

As part of the EAP line of access points, the EAP110-Outdoor has been designed for simple setup and deployment. An easy-mounting chassis means it can be fixed to any wall or pole, allowing installation virtually anywhere. Using passive Power over Ethernet means you choose where it is installed rather than factoring in the proximity to existing power outlets or the cost of installing new ones. PoE uses Ethernet cables to transmit data and power up to 60 meters.

Rugged Design, Year-Round Reliability

While mother nature brings extreme weather, the EAP110-Outdoor has been designed to withstand the worst. Housed in ASA casing, IP65-rated dust and weatherproof enclosure and specialized waterproof antennas, it weathers the elements all year round. It can also withstand destructive electrical storms, 6kV lightning and 15kV ESD to shield against sudden thunderstorms.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Management

More than anything, TP-Link prioritizes the user experience, which is why the EAP110-Outdoor comes with the intuitive Auranet Controller Software, free of charge. This software provides advanced, user-friendly wireless control over Wi-Fi coverage, at no extra cost or special training.

There’s no arguing with the value Britons put on connectivity, 30% of people in the UK have five or more connected devices and 5m (24%) of all UK households have a Netflix subscription,” said Will Liu, Country Manager, TP-Link UK Ltd. “The desire for streaming services and sharing video on social platforms does not go away at the back door. We want to extend that quality of life to public spaces too. The EAP110-Outdoor has been designed to work seamlessly with our EAP range to provide seamless indoor and outdoor wireless controlled from the same software interface.”

Key Features:

  •           Wireless N speeds of up to 300Mbps*
  •           2×2 MIMO supports more data transmission and reception for greater wireless speed and stability
  •           Simple mounting design makes easy to outdoor install on any wall or pole
  •           Passive PoE (24V 0.6A) of up to 60 meters allows convenient and affordable installation
  •           Weatherproof enclosure, 15KV ESD and 6KV lightning protection ensure year-round durability
  •           Free Auranet Controller Software provides easy centralized management of hundreds of EAPs
  •           Captive Portal delivers one convenient method of authentication for Wi-Fi guests
  •           Rate limit on per SSID restricts the bandwidth of each client
  •           Load balance ensures large user base with smooth network experience in high-density business networks
  •           Access Control restricts clients to access a specified network segment
  •           Reboot Schedule enables all the APs to reboot automatically at a specified time
  •           WPA/WPA2-enterprise, 802.1X with RADIUS secure authentication and rogue access point detection ensure the security of WLAN
  •           Multi-SSID divides multiple wireless network for different users
  •           Multiple operating modes, including managed AP and standalone AP, satisfy different application conditions


Author: Dylan Jones

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