The  17th  China Guangzhou International Investment & Finance Expo

Date:  September, 23-25 2016

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex

Organizer:China Finance Working Association

Hong Kong Foro International Exhibition Group

Guangzhou Foro Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Co-organizer:Korea Taxin Consultants Co.,Ltd

Hong Kong XinDa China Consultants Co

China Guangzhou International Investment and Finance Expo is the biggest finance event in South China, it was awarded as the Excellent Exhibition in China by the Government and all kinds of Medias. Over the years, China Guangzhou International Investment and Finance Expo has been the international platform to show the development of the world’s finance industry and a platform for investment and finance companies to expand. Now, we are glad to announce our 17th edition of the Expo will be held on 23rd-25th September ,2016 at China Import and Export Fair Complex located in Guangzhou China. Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province, and Guangdong Province is the richest Province in China. So it will be your important market. The Expo will include a big Gold Forex Binary Pavilion; we welcome company from all over the world to join it. It will be a good platform for your company to expand Chinese markets.

Advantages of the Exposition:

  1. The best show time and venue, and the wonderful and exciting activities will present you with a huge financial investment feast.
  2. Comprehensive and three-dimensional multimedia propaganda is adopted to reflect the most shocking manifestation effect of the publicity, especially the strong-strong combination between Internet and traditional mainstream media guarantees the strong support of traditional media and the incitement of brand-new media.
  3. Standard and professional organization. The organizer have rich exhibition experiences , advanced professional exhibition-inviting and investment-inviting approaches and brand-new service concepts which will provide exhibitors and investors with the best quality services.

Position of the exhibition: To hold a professional investment and financing feast with the largest scale and the most far-reaching influence in China and in the world!

Exhibit scope:

  1. Financial management: The provision of Chinese and foreign banks, Chinese and foreign insurance companies, securities companies, fund companies, trust investment companies, futures companies etc. with financial products such as housing loans, auto loans, education loans, consumer loans, travel loans, mortgages, personal business loans, credit cards, foreign exchange kit, gold investment, personal financial services, life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, dividend insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance etc.
  2. Financial investment: Stocks, funds, treasury bonds, corporate bonds, futures, trust and investment products, dividends insurance, etc.; investment apartments, shops, villas, office buildings, property-type hotel, characteristic commercial street, professional market and real estate consulting, etc.;
  3. Wealth services: Finance and investment advisory services institutions, financial management software, financial management training, legal advisory body, the financial advisory body, finance equipment, financial management media and financial management tools, etc.
  4. Venture and wealth-earning: Venture projects, franchised franchising, education investment institutions, venture capital institutions, industrial and commercial tax advisory, etc.
  5. Comprehensive services: Family investment and financing planning, life financial planning, insurance planning, personal investment and financing consulting, etc;


Showing the various modern financing products, improving  the investment awareness of citizens, spreading scientific financing concept, meeting the demands of citizens for financing products and professional financing services, and achieving win-win situation between entrepreneurs  and citizens.

Stand fee:

The name of subject International exhibition district Domestic exhibition district
Standard booth (9square meter ) 2500USD 13800RMB

Standard booth allocation

Three sides  booth  ,  carpet , one desk for business conversation , two chairs ,one  10A 220v electricity ,two lights ,one dustbin ,one English and Chinese fascia              One desk for business discuss, two chairs, two light tubes, one Chinese fascia
Raw space (36square meter) 250USD/square meter 1380rmb/ square meter
Instruction of empty space The fee  include : the place for exhibition, security service , cleaning service
Remark : 1, standard stand has two norms, 3m×3m , the fee is the same

2, special location add fee,:  the standard stand with two  sides open , add 10% / 1, three sides open , add 20% / 1

3, Raw space  can be used by special decoration stand need to pay 38rmb/m to gallery as the construction management fee .(not include water and electricity)



Page location Price page Page location Price
Back cover 18000rmb/p Black and white pages 2000rmb/p
The second cover 12000rmb/p The introduction of words 1000rmb/p
The third  cover 1000rmb/p The fee of design 800rmb/p
Color pages 6000rmb/p The fee of making 200rmb/p
Instruction : 1, the size of catalogue is 140mm×210mm, each edge add 3mm

2,the fee above doesn`t include the design fee and marketing fee, please exhibitor post or send film and the sample to the organization committee in time

Procedures of exhibition

1、Connecting with the organization committee and get the Exhibition contract . After filling the contract completely and put a company seal, please fax or send the contract to organization committee, meanwhile please supply trade business license and a copy of business certificate and so on.


Exhibitor must remit to the organization committee after they got a qualification which was confirmed by organization in one week. After remitting, the organization committee confirms the location of exhibition. Otherwise, the organization committee have the right to adjust or cancel the enterprises ‘qualification of exhibition, without returning subscription back.


The Organization committee will post the exhibitor handbook to exhibitor who has already paid the fee and the organization committee tell the exhibitors the points of attention, assisting them to complete the exhibition activity smoothly and efficiently.


The date of signing up for exhibitors will be stopped on August 22nd, 2016. If it is over that time, we don’t guarantee that their advertisement will be in the catalogue.

Author: Dylan Jones

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