Squire Chooses Payworks to Provide EMV Card Acceptance to Barbershops Across the U.S.

Payworks announced today their partnership with Squire, an Independent Software Vendor offering web and mobile applications to barbershops.

Payworks and Squire have partnered to integrate card acceptance into the growing mobile application targeting barbershops. Squire first launched over a year ago and has quickly expanded to more than 20 cities across the U.S. After taking part in Y Combinator, founders, Dave Salvant and Songe LaRon have continued to enhance the capabilities of the app for both barbers and clients, including card acceptance. Payworks provides next generation payment gateway technology to leading Point of Sale Independent Software Organizations, Independent Software Vendors and Value-Added Resellers. As a growing technology company, Payworks is focused on enabling commerce globally through their cloud-based, EMV technology platform.

Squire will be able to integrate EMV payment technology and acceptance with their payment platform of choice, Stripe, with the support of Payworks. Through the Payworks PayButton, Stripe users can integrate a card reader into apps within minutes and process EMV and contactless payments. Merchants are guided through the entire payment process and can keep the same Stripe account for both online and Point of Sale payments. By including card acceptance through Payworks into their app, Squire will enable their barbers to have access to the latest payment technology, ensuring their Point of Sale offering is relevant to all merchants and clients.

There’s a great sense of ease and convenience when working with an app,” says Dave Salvant, CEO of Squire. “But for our barbers to have access to the best Point of Sale solution for their business and clients, card acceptance has to be available. Working with Payworks has made our implementation of EMV acceptance straight-forward and painless which is exactly what we wanted.”

All app-based Point of Sale solution providers are searching for a quick and easy way to integrate EMV card acceptance into their application,” comments Michael Doron, Managing Director of Payworks Inc. “For those app providers working with Stripe, we’ve made it an extremely easy process and EMV and contactless acceptance takes just minutes to implement. We’re excited to enable Squire to further develop their POS offering with the inclusion of card acceptance.

Author: Dylan Jones

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