Simmons & Simmons Explores New Client Solutions with Neota Logic

International law firm Simmons & Simmons has announced it is working with Neota Logic to explore ways in which its award-winning Artificial Intelligence software platform can be used in the delivery of the firm’s services.

Neota Logic is the producer of an Artificial Intelligence software platform that allows subject matter experts to automate their expertise and judgment and deliver it in an operationally useful form to end users.

Simmons & Simmons has a long track record of evolving the service it provides to its clients, including using technology in new ways, and exploring new ways of working for its lawyers.  In 2016, the firm launched an innovation group made up of partners and business service professionals, with the main focus being to accelerate the generation, development and adoption of new ways of delivering value to clients.

Jonathan Hammond, international financial markets group head and chairman of the firm’s innovation group, explained: ‘We know we want to focus on ideas that could change the way we work and the service we deliver to our client base. Neota Logic technology offers us new opportunities to explore how these ideas can be put into practice for our clients’.

Greg Wildisen, International Managing Director at Neota Logic said: “Our technology can transform the ways in which legal services are delivered and we are delighted to be working with the innovators at Simmons & Simmons, as they consider their clients and what best meets their needs.

Author: Dylan Jones

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