Paris Top Officials Engage UK-based Finance Industry Leaders

High-level representatives of Paris and its regions meet with leaders of UK-based international financial companies to discuss winning business scenarios in the Eurozone.

Over 80 top managers of major financial businesses attended a high-level briefing at The Shard in London yesterday, to understand and discuss how Paris and its region offer unmatched opportunities to their future Eurozone plans.

Untitled “Europe – Where To Next? Winning Business Strategies In The Eurozone”, the briefing was hosted by Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman of Paris EUROPLACE, Valérie Pécresse, President of Paris Region, Patrick Ollier, President of Greater Paris Metropolis and Jean-Louis Missika, Vice Mayor City of Paris.

All four high-ranking officials, supported by five guest speakers representing specific finance and infrastructure sectors, focused their contributions on four major areas of interest for the participants:

  • Winning business scenarios for key finance industries which will be impacted by the Brexit
  • Competitiveness and attractiveness of Paris, the only Global City in Europe with London
  • Access to the best talents and innovation and one of the most dynamic Fintech sectors in Europe
  • Altogether a vibrant and competitive ecosystem.

Paris is the only true Global City and economic Region in the European Union. It is already the first Business Center, with the presence of large international companies and their customers.  It also hosts Euronext, the Pan-European stock exchange, it is the largest European bond market, with 35% of market share, ahead of London; and the 2nd largest asset management pool in the world, the double of Germany.

Valérie Pécresse stated: “At the heart of the EU, Paris Region benefits from the best communication facilities with all European cities, including London, and very high level business infrastructures. French taxation levels are now similar to those of its European competitors, and French labor laws are more business friendly than they are perceived: our job is to guarantee investors and their employees a successful, long-term business presence in France. It is very clear: for businesses wishing to be in the EU, Paris Region is the choice of stability.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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