Oceania to get Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence Technologies

As demand for advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence heats up worldwide, EclecticIQ and Cosive have formed a partnership that marries cutting-edge technology and field expertise to help organisations in theAustralia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

With a global shortage of competent security operations staff, both EclecticIQ and Cosive recognise bundling knowledge, skills and technologies together will help clients be more effective in their detection and response to cyber threats.

Organisations are increasingly under threat of attack, and the requirement for a capable Cyber Threat Intelligence practice is now more important than ever. Each organisation must understand its security posture, detect and respond to attacks faster, and align budgets and resources accordingly.

EclecticIQ and Cosive have partnered to combine EclecticIQ’s Threat Intelligence Platform with Cosive’s consulting, integration and support expertise. Both companies worked closely together as part of the OASIS technical committee developing the STIX, TAXII and CybOX standards, and realised their combined talents would benefit customers.

Joep Gommers, CEO of EclecticIQ comments: “We know Cosive for their highly regarded threat intelligence services, contributions to CTI standards, and thorough understanding of their market. This partnership will bring clients the best possible support for their security operations.”

Kayne Naughton, Managing Director of Cosive adds: “We’ve seen a big demand this year for intelligence platforms that support analysts working with ever increasing intelligence volumes. We’re very excited to work with EclecticIQ to help organisations derive more value from their threat intelligence and security operations investment.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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