MIOsoft Identified as a Visionary for Data Quality Tools by Gartner

Recognition comes in 2016 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools

MIOsoft has been acknowledged as a Visionary for data quality tools by Gartner, Inc. This recognition comes in Gartner’s new 2016 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools, and is based on MIOsoft’s ability to execute and completeness of vision.

This is the third consecutive year in which MIOsoft has been recognized in the Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools, which evaluates MIOsoft’s MIOvantage data quality software.

We’ve had a strong year of growth in 2016, as MIOvantage continues to produce results at industry-leading organizations around the world,” said Jordan Barrette, MIOsoft’s chief operating officer. “We’re pleased to once again garner recognition from Gartner, which we see as an affirmation of MIOvantage’s approach to data quality.

As described by Gartner, “Visionaries demonstrate a strong understanding of current and future market trends and directions, such as self-service data quality for business users, data preparation, support for the IoT, alternative deployment options such as SaaS, support for large datasets and data streaming, machine learning, and information governance and stewardship support. They exhibit capabilities aligned with these trends, but although they may deliver good customer experiences, they may lack the market presence, brand recognition, customer base and resources of larger vendors.”

MIOsoft introduced the MIOvantage data quality software brand in 2014. MIOvantage’s technology is the result of ongoing, customer-driven development and improvement efforts, and its evolving capabilities have been continuously proven in enterprise use for more than a decade.

MIOvantage has a data quality focus because MIOsoft recognizes that poor data quality threatens a business’s ability to understand itself and its market. In enterprise settings, data-driven projects are meant to positively impact the business through better analytics, decision-making, and operations; low-quality data can pose significant barriers to these projects.

As MIOsoft’s 20th anniversary approaches, we’re thinking about what we want our legacy to be for the next 20 years,” said Barrette. “Part of what we’re excited about is bringing our globally-gained experience back to our home region, the Upper Midwest.

We believe that widespread recognition of the absolute need for data quality in business isn’t quite here yet. We’re excited about the potential to help transform companies in Wisconsin, throughout America, and across the globe by ensuring that they are powered with high-quality data.”

For more information about MIOvantage, visit: https://www.miovantage.com.

Author: Dylan Jones

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