Manchester Firm Launches FREE P2P Loan Finder for Businesses

Corporate finance house Racefields has today launched its unique P2P Loan Finder service in the wake of a new government scheme which will see nine banks having to offer alternative finance options to failed loan applicants.

Unlike loan comparison sites which only point businesses in the general direction of lenders, Racefields will apply for peer-to-peer loans on behalf of its applicants.

This service is completely free of charge – Racefields do not charge application fees, processing fees or completion fees.

Business owners often have to put up with a long and tedious application process when they’re applying for finance, usually across multiple websites. It can be confusing and a waste of time. The P2P Loan Finder service will completely remove this hassle, giving business owners time to do what they do best and that’s run their business.

Applicants complete a short form on the Racefields website to begin the process. Our P2P Loan Finder team will then search through platforms and apply for peer-to-peer loans.

“As a regulated corporate finance house we specialise in raising money for clients on both peer-to-peer and crowdfunding platforms,” CEO David Gammond explains. “Major banks are now obligated to refer customers to alternative finance sources if the bank has refused their loan application. However, sending them to comparison sites is only a partial answer. The big question is: which platforms should they apply to? There are so many to choose from.


CEO David Gammond , Racefields

The P2P Loan Finder service takes away this problem. Using our unique research, we select the platforms most likely to approve the loan and then we make multiple applications on the customer’s behalf. We can take the process right through to a successful completion”.

The free P2P Loan Finder service is available now. Businesses seeking alternative finance should go to

Author: Jason Williams

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