Loot becomes First Digital-Only Banking Experience Available on all Platforms 

Digital-only banking experience Loot today becomes the first to offer users access to their Loot Account over iOS, Android, and the Web, giving their customers a wider choice in how they manage their money.  iOS and Android users will now be able to maintain access to their account should anything happen to their phone.  As of last week, all Loot account holders will now also be able to pay money into their account using any debit card.

The addition of Web access will offer a number of advantages:

  • New flexibility for users who prefer to do their banking on their desktop, even just occasionally
  • Users who lose their smartphone or pad will still be able to run their account via the Web, and if they’ve lost their Loot Mastercard as well, they can pause it via the Web
  • When new features or updates are added by Loot, they will be available immediately, avoiding the delays of waiting for App Store approval
  • In time, new facilities and tools will be added that take advantage of the larger screen available

Ollie Purdue, founder and CEO of Loot, said, “Being fully available on the Web and not just on smartphones and tablet is surprisingly important.  Many people like to manage their money via their laptop or home computer, and so even if they use their smartphone at other times, they now can have the best of both worlds.

“It also provides a backup should you lose your phone or pad, and the ability to pause your card if you have lost that too. In addition, we will be able to push out system updates instantly, rather than suffering the unavoidable delays involved in the App Store.”      

Alongside the launch of the Web app, as of last week, Loot users can put money in their account using a debit card – whether their own card from a UK bank account, or via Apple Pay or Android Pay.


Purdue continued, “The new debit card option removes the hassle and risks of passing cash around or having to exchange account numbers and sort codes.  Others can pay you as easily as when they use their debit card in a shop.”         

Loot is now fully open and available to all by downloading the app from the iOS App Store, Android app stores or by signing up for Web access at www.app.loot.io.  Users need to be 18 or over.


Author: Dylan Jones

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