Lending Technologies Corp Introduces Leads2Lend CAM Solution

Technology Platform Integrates Digital Marketing Efforts and Seamless Lending Processes to Bolster Lead Generation for Alternative Finance Companies

B2B fintech firm Lending Technologies Corp announces Leads2Lend, its new marketing platform for alternative lenders. Produced in cooperation with Lead One Marketing, Inc. the Leads2Lend program provides alternative finance companies with an all-in-one digital solution to identify and engage with potential new customers—ultimately leading to a stronger bottom line.

As the financial industry continues to evolve into an ‘on-the-go’ landscape, it is now more important than ever to implement a digital strategy,” says Markus Schneider, CEO of Lending Technologies Corp. “Lending Technologies Corp understands a seamless lending process is only half the job. With Leads2Lend, clients can now acquire leads and continue to lend as easily as it is to connect through mobile devices.

The Leads2Lend platform combines Lending Technologies Corp’s white-label customer acquisition management (CAM) technology with a digital marketing program that connects alternative finance firms with new clients. Using Lending Technologies Corp’s proprietary digital onboarding and loan building tools, designated agents can individually download leads and create bespoke lending solutions for the clients. Other functionalities include tools to expedite credit decisions and facilitate loan package construction.

Managing lead generation was always a very consuming process. Previously, we had to consistently keep track of leads manually. But now with Leads2Lend, we are able to implement digital marketing campaigns and stay on top of all referrals,” says Jonathan Guida, founder of Easy Access Capital. “Ultimately, we now are able to get our time back and focus on our core business operations and close more deals.

Lending Technologies Corp’s white-labeled CAM technology, serving customers in the U.S. and Switzerland, provides a fully digital, mobile-responsive, end-to-end process for banks and alternative finance companies that allows lenders to save time and money while reducing the risk associated with underwriting loans to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Lending Technologies Corp provides a seamless, paperless solution to all users and gives loan officers the latest digital tools for lenders to issue credit decisions—all with a comprehensive back end.

Author: Dylan Jones

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