Launch of Industry-first Performance Tracker from Seedrs

Seedrs announces pioneering move as the platform launches a new product giving Seedrs investors real-time access to their individual portfolio IRR

From today, investors on Seedrs will be able to access their individual portfolio IRR for the first time in another pioneering first by the Neil Woodford-backed investment platform.

In September last year, Seedrs issued the first ever comprehensive Portfolio Update released by an equity crowdfunding platform,  detailing the performance of the companies that have successfully funded on Seedrs. The latest version of this report showed that across all deals funded on the platform, the market-wide performance was 14.4% IRR and tax adjusted 49.1% IRR. The methodology behind this analysis was approved by Ernst & Young LLP (EY) and can be seen:

Now, this performance metric has been applied to investors own personal portfolios. Any person who has successfully completed one investment or more on Seedrs will be able to see the performance of their portfolio, as close to possible to real time, with a personal IRR on a tax-adjusted and non-tax adjusted basis.

Says Jeff Lynn, CEO and co founder of Seedrs: “This exciting innovation arrives soon after Seedrs released its Portfolio Update and is another first for the equity crowdfunding sector. We see steps like these as a huge leap forward in transparency for the space.

What makes this metric so groundbreaking is that it gives the closest indicator of any given investor’s portfolio performance before the shares reach liquidity. This is an extremely important measure in an asset class where the time-horizon for exits is generally upwards of five years and often even longer. ”

The new tool, visible on every Seedrs investor’s portfolio page, will enable users to assess how their investment portfolio is performing in comparison to their investments across other asset classes. Seedrs is the only equity crowdfunding platform currently able to provide these metrics to investors, because as a nominee shareholder in every business that has ever funded on the platform, the company has information rights from Seedrs legal documentation that other platforms don’t have access to.

Author: Dylan Jones

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