Kuber Ventures Adds Four Additional Managers to its EIS Platform

The four additional funds further diversifies the investment opportunities within existing sectors available to investors on the Kuber platform

 Kuber Ventures, the alternative fund investment platform offering access to diversified portfolios and funds in the enterprise investment scheme (EIS) space, announced four new Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)/Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) funds have signed up to its platform.

The four new funds are Blackfinch Asset Focused EIS, Hindsight Media EIS, Epicure SEIS Fund and Start-Up Series SEIS Fund One. The addition of these funds increases the already extensive investment opportunities available via the Kuber Ventures platform.

The four funds have different sector focus:

  • Blackfinch Asset Focused EIS fund, managed by Blackfinch, offer investments in companies which have an asset underpin in the form of residential and commercial property investments. Kuber has included this fund as an enhancement to its non media asset backed portfolio.
  • The Hindsight Media EIS Fund, managed by Enterprise Investment Partners, offer investments in the production of video games, TV projects and films with the benefits of an asset underpin. Kuber has included this fund as an enhancement to its media asset backed portfolio.
  • Epicure SEIS Fund, also managed by Enterprise Investments Partners, offer investments in start-up companies across the food, drink and hospitality sectors. They particularly target innovative and disruptive companies with high growth potential. The fund is available as a self select fund.
  • The Start-Up Series SEIS Fund One, managed by Amersham Investments Management, offer investments in companies identified as part of a monthly competition run to identify start-ups worthy of Seed investment. The fund is available as a self select fund.

The addition of these four funds comes only weeks after Kuber announced that Jenson SEIS and EIS Fund 4 was signed to its platform both target a return of £1.85 for every £1 invested.

Five new funds added during a short time period significantly diversifies the investment opportunities within existing sectors available to investors on the Kuber platform. This growth of investment opportunities on the platform is reflective of a broader EIS industry trend that investors no longer view EIS as a single tax planning product. Rather they are looking for significant investment opportunities in their own right, from which to build a diversified portfolio that minimizes potential risk and maximizes potential blended returns.

The announcement brings the total number of tax efficient funds available on the Kuber platform to 35 comprised of 18 EIS, 9 SEIS, 3 Hybrid and 5 BPR.

Dermot Campbell, CEO at Kuber Ventures, said: “The addition of the four funds demonstrates our aim to continue our growth in 2017, and reflects the continued growth of new venture capitalist firms entering the EIS/SEIS market place who have successfully completed Kuber Ventures’ due diligence process and are benefiting from adopting a Platform approach.

EIS investments have come of age. Investors looking to build a diversified portfolio of attractive EIS investments now have significant opportunities to invest in SME’s across a range of industries and opportunities.

We have exciting, successful partnerships with venture capital companies’ managers who exemplify this trend, and we are pleased that these firms have decided to extend their collaboration further.”

Richard Cook, Chief Executive at Blackfinch, said: “We have identified great investment opportunities in residential and commercial property construction. The Asset Focussed EIS portfolios gives you an opportunity to invest into niche construction companies offering strong levels of security and excellent possibilities for growth and development, these will increase further over the coming months as additional underlying investee companies are added to the portfolios, which will access other sectors.”

Paul Barnes, Director – Amersham Investment Management, said: “We are very pleased to offer our somewhat different SEIS fund on the Kuber platform, where investments are planned to be made in qualified winners of The Start-Up Series seed funding competition. The Start-up Series is the UK’s largest ever seed funding competition whereby proposed winners are selected from a comprehensive distillation program by an experienced team at Worth Capital, helping to ensure that the winners and thus the investments offered will be in innovative, disruptive companies with good growth prospects.”

Martin Sherwood, Enterprise Investment Partners, said: “We are pleased that Kuber’s clients will get the opportunity to invest in our two newly added EIS and SEIS funds. We have strong investment teams behind both funds. Hindsight is a capital preservation scheme with a very experienced media adviser and Epicure’s investments are selected by Startup Funding Club (SFC), who has a track record of investing in the SEIS space, with this being the fifth SEIS fund they have advised on.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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