IDC Innovators Focusing on Emerging Companies Research

Today, International Data Corporation (IDC) is launching IDC Innovators, a new portfolio of research that recognizes emerging vendors who offer a pioneering or innovative technology and/or groundbreaking new business model.

IDC has launched IDC Innovators, recognizing emerging vendors who offer an innovative technology or business model.”

IDC’s focus on providing leading research about the 3rd Platform and Digital Transformation (DX) continues with our new IDC Innovators coverage,” said Crawford Del Prete, executive vice president, Worldwide Research Products & Chief Research Officer. “Highlighting these companies and technologies offers IT buyers a view into innovative solutions in a shifting and rapidly scaling technology landscape.”

IDC Innovators research focuses on uncovering new solutions and strategies from companies with less than $50 million in revenue that have implications for IT buyers. These documents highlight new technologies, ways of doing business, and approaches to solving strategic challenges.

The IDC Innovators research launch includes assessments of companies providing solutions for:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms
  • Cloud-Enabled Mobile Security Products
  • Enterprise Platforms for Smart Eyewear
  • Smart City Open Data Platforms
  • Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platforms
  • Financial Compliance, Fraud, and Risk Analytics
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Behavioral Analytics and Identity Awareness
  • Cloud Services Enablement
  • Container Technology
  • Virtual Care Solutions
  • Location-Based Smart City Civic Engagement Tools

Author: Dylan Jones

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