Feedazi Named as part of the Tech Tour Growth 50

The only company selected from Lisbon, Feedzai is one of the  fastest growing European AI technology startups

Feedzai is listed, for the second year running, on the Tech Tour Growth 50 which highlights high-growth companies in Europe.

The Tech Tour Growth 50 is considered a benchmark index for fast-growing technology brands, and follows strict standards in the selection process of the 50 companies that are named.

The selection committee includes some of the world’s most talented growth investors backing European Tech businesses, which through a rigorous quantitative process, identify more than 300 leading and fast-growing businesses. Companies are analysed based on revenue growth, innovation potential, quality management team and pedigree of excellence (quality of backers, advisory board, past awards won and top-sector listings).

Being selected for the Tech Tour Growth 50 means that we are global-ready. By having major customers on every continent, we have proven that great technology can transcend geographical borders,” said Nuno Sebastiao, CEO and Co-Founder of Feedzai. “A big part of our success comes from building a diverse culture that attracts the best employees, many of whom rank in the top 1% of data science talent and can only be found in Europe.”

We are delighted that Feedzai will be joining the Tech Tour Growth 50 for the second year in a row,” said William Stevens, CEO, Tech Tour. “Companies like Feedzai are fueling the world’s need for attainable and approachable AI technology, thereby ensuring that European innovation continues to remain competitive.”

Businesses that make up the latest Tech Tour Growth 50 ranking have already created more than 9,000 jobs since 1998, have raised more than $3.7 billion in funding, and have an estimated valuation of $338 million.

WeTransfer, Babbel and Improbable are some of the other businesses joining Feedzai at Tech Tour Growth 50 this year.

Author: Dylan Jones

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