EU Considering Testing Banks’ Defences against Cyberattacks: Comment from Fujitsu

Rob Norris, ‎VP Head of Enterprise & Cyber Security EMEIA at Fujitsu

“The news that the EU is considering cyber stress testing, similar to that of the UK is a wise idea. With the number of threats continuing to increase exponentially, customer trust has never been so valuable or hard to come by and as such it has never been more important for banks to test and ensure they are protected appropriately.

“It is paramount that the industry does not overlook or get complacent about security or place it in the “too big to fix” category, and instead takes a proactive approach. Banks need to be able to spot, react and defend against a breach quickly, by having a threat monitoring/detection system in place which is where stress testing can play a pivotal role, providing the necessary context to deal with today’s advanced cyber threats. With digital continuing to pave the way in financial services, the industry can no longer afford for it not to be the number one priority.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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