EstateGuru Developed Auto Invest function

The Nordic crowdfunding platform EstateGuru is evolving: in order to meet the requests of its investors, the company has now developed the Auto Invest function.

The Auto Invest feature is a popular function, which after activation will allocate resources available on the virtual account of the investor automatically into new projects in the extent permitted by the investor.

The solution ensures that investors can invest into loans of their interest, and will not miss the opportunity due to tight competition,” the investor relations manager of EstateGuru Triin Jõeleht describes the operating principle of the application. “Life of investors will become easier, as there is no more need to operate manually with every investment: when free funds appear on the virtual account, it will be reinvested as soon as possible. Making investments by the application can be deactivated and re-activated at any time.”

General keywords of the solution are automation and convenience. The criteria options differ depending on the fact, if the investment sum is lower or higher than 500 Euros.

Upon making decisions it is important to remember that when using the application, the investor is bearing responsibility, similar to the situation, where the investor makes an investment manually, because Auto Invest operates in accordance with the criteria selected by the user. These criteria can be set through virtual account of the user.

Further information of the new function and more specific instructions for use are available also in the blog of EstateGuru at the address

Author: Dylan Jones

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