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ebankIT is an Omnichannel Banking product company, which provides the latest financial technology innovation. They create products focused on delivering your core banking to customers in a way they will enjoy and engage with, such as Mobile Banking apps, Contact Center solutions, Banking Kiosks, Facebook banking, Commercial GPS, Banking solutions for wearable technology, and ultimately, solutions for Augmented Reality.

Recently, they presented their Omnichannel and Social Banking Solutions at Finovate Europe 2015, where they were awarded as Best of Show and our solutions were referred as “the Best omnichannel banking solution provider”. Please see there presentation video at the link below about Account Opening & Digital Product Subscription, also Social Banking, Augmented reality and Beacons integrated in the Mobile Solution, Smartwatch Banking and Voice Banking.

To see ebankIT’s presentation click here.


João Lima Pinto, Vice President and CCO of ebankIT picking up the Finovate Europe best of show award

How they describe their product/innovation: ebankIT aims to materialize in a solution that is much more than a banking application, maximizing the interaction of financial institutions and clients by extending the concept of Omnichannel & Social Banking. In the world of Omnichannel banking, customers are in control of the channels they wish to use. For example, they can begin an interaction using one channel (mobile while at home) and end it in another (SmartTV or Internet banking). Omnichannel banking brings the industry closer to the promise of true contextual banking in which financial services become seamlessly embedded into the lives of individual and business customers.

Website: ebankit.com | Twitter: @e_bank_it

HQ: Oporto, Portugal
Founded: January 2014
Product Demoed: Omnichannel & Social Banking
Product Launch: February 2015
Metrics: Revenues around €2M, 50 employees
Presenters: João Pinto (Board of Directors), Paulo Oliveira (Omnichannel Specialist)

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