“Dutch Elections: European Market Investors will be Craving Stability brought by VVD Victory”

Jordan Hiscott, Chief Trader at ayondo markets

Tomorrow’s Dutch elections could be yet another watershed moment for Europe, leading to further political fragmentation. With a country known for its liberal traditions, it’s been surprising that Geert Wilders and his PVV party have managed to assert themselves so much, taking the lead at some point in the last few weeks. 

Most recently though the VVD – the People’s Party for Freedom & Democracy – has re-taken the lead and investors looking for stability in the financial markets will welcome this. The possibility of the PVV coming to power, with its anti-EU stance, could have had a dramatically effect on the EUR FX and Dutch equities markets, both largely negative.

However, if we look a little closer at how the Netherlands’ Parliament is constructed, it would seem that even if the PVV were to win, the structure of the voting system means several parties will have a proportional section of the overall vote – meaning a coalition has to be built. This would be very difficult, considering all of the main parties have already pledged not to work with Geert Wilders.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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