Cyber Crime Forensics, LLC Unveils Cybercrime Forensics Training Center to Train New Breed of Cyber Professionals

Cybercrime is the fastest growing area of crime in the world. The demand for cyber security professionals is higher than ever. To help solve these critical issues, Richard Plummer, CEO of Cyber Crime Forensics, LLC is launching the Cybercrime Forensics Training Center in Boise Idaho, to train a new breed of cyber warriors. CCFTC provides the world’s best digital forensics and cyber security training to produce the most advanced digital forensics experts in computer forensics, incident response and media exploitation.

Organizations must be prepared and take proactive measures to ensure the security of their network and protect valuable information stored within these networks. The demand for cyber security professionals has never been higher, with an estimated 1 million job vacancies around the world. Corporations and government agencies are looking for cyber analysts who can investigate cybercrime such as insider threats, fraud, employee misuse, industrial espionage and computer intrusions. Our military units are ramping up training of media exploitation specialists to recover key intelligence from Windows systems and networks to fight the cyber war.

We believe the truth is in the data. We train investigators, analysts and cyber professionals how to correctly piece together the digital footprints left behind when cybercrime occurs. In honor of the launch of the Cybercrime Forensics Training Center, we are offering one of the most advanced digital forensics software tools ever developed, iLooKIX, as a complimentary one-year license with the purchase of our Computer Forensics Examiner training course.

The Cybercrime Forensics Training Center is honored to partner with Jim Baker, CEO of Perlustro and Xtremeforensics. Jim Baker has over forty years of experience in digital forensics and programming. He is a former technical advisor to the Electronic Crimes Unit at IRS CI where he ushered in the era of automated tools to support criminal investigations.

“We wanted to do something special for the grand opening,” said Richard Plummer, CEO of Cybercrime Forensics Training Center, and what better way than to release iLooKIX v10 into the community, a product that has served law enforcement for decades.

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Author: Jason Williams

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