Comment from Niels Turfboer, Managing Director Spotcap UK

Brexit means Brexit” is more clear than ever after May’s speech this afternoon. In recent years, London has shaken off the dust of the global financial crisis to become the world-leading centre for fintech companies. But how can the factors that drove London’s fintech boom be sustained? Over the past years, a wide range of initiatives have been put in place making the government’s support of the community clear. Now, with May’s government setting out the objectives and strategy for “A Global Britain” the strength of these initiatives will be challenged. For the UK to remain a “home to pioneers and innovators” it will be essential to agree on access to a pan-European talent pool. The most compelling reason to for us to believe this is possible is that the incentive for both the EU and the UK is the same – maximising prosperity – which will only be possible by developing a new strong partnership.

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Author: Dylan Jones

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