Comment from Fujitsu on Mastercard’s Biometric Credit Card

Anthony Duffy, Director of Retail Banking, UK and Ireland at Fujitsu:

“MasterCard’s announcement that it plans to roll out a payment card containing a fingerprint sensor is further evidence that biometric technologies are coming of age.

“Biometric solutions have been used by foreign banks for many years. Brazilian, Japanese and Turkish banks, to cite just three examples, all use Fujitsu biometric solutions to support day-to-day banking transactions. However, it is only recently that British banks have started to deploy the technology on a significant scale. For example, voice recognition systems are becoming commonly used in call centre operations to identify customers, while finger print recognition systems have also been deployed for some business customers.

“Financial institutions are keen to enhance security further and to improve customer service. Biometric technologies, by being unique to the individual, help achieve both goals. Their use often reduces the use of passwords, or even eliminates them altogether, while often also providing an audit trail. When deployed to help identify customers, their use can speed up the identification and log-on process, by removing the need to ask security questions.

“With the deployment of biometrics on everyday devices – for example, the use of finger prints to unlock mobile phones – we expect user familiarity with, and confidence in, the technology to grow rapidly. This will encourage deployment and take-up of biometric solutions. Consequently, at Fujitsu, we believe that the use of biometrics in banking is something we will see much more of in coming years.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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