Centralising the Customer in Auriga’s Eyes

Earlier in the day Auriga released a statement on the necessity on how and why banks must centralise the customer. With the ever increasing pressure from fintechs and modernised banks which don’t revolve around the legacy systems of the past, traditional banks are having to use alternative methods to keep up. Methods such as pushing online banking upon the customers via mobile apps.

Auriga’s whitepaper goes into detail on how the needs of the customer must be met and ways some branches are already doing so.

“It is undoubtedly true that customers will choose a bank on the ease of use and reliability of their technology, but it will be the human interactions that create the trust”

“Accenture’s research suggests banks need to focus on the customer experience, a novelty for many more traditional institutions, but a key feature of the most successful companies in a whole range of industries.”


Whitepaper here

Author: Dylan Jones

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