Artificial Intelligence Cuts through Red Tape – Comments from NICE

Oded Karev VP, Head of Advanced Process Automation at NICE

A lot has been said about the potential threat of artificial intelligence to the human workforce but the hard evidence continues to tell us something different. Artificial intelligence has already shown itself to be a huge asset to the human workforce, transforming the way we work and bringing huge benefits to businesses and employees. Particularly, it is freeing employees from the burden of monotonous, repetitive tasks to focus on performing the tasks they truly love.

By combining artificial intelligence and automation, organisations are also able to meet their SLAs 100 per cent of the time and create a new standard of service. They are also able to automate more processes and tackle more complex scenarios than ever before. Failing to automate means longer customer wait time for resolution, and compromised accuracy. In highly regulated industries, such as financial services or insurance, error could sometimes lead to high costs and major brand image loss. As process automation takes over the repetitive, routine manual work – human error is eliminated, and costly mistakes do not happen. The engaged, knowledgeable customer of today expects nothing less from his organizational providers, and only those who can provide that level of service will survive in the long run.

Author: Dylan Jones

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