Allot Assists Voo Belgium

Allot solution secures the network against DDoS attacks, reduces cable network congestion and enhances traffic visibility

Allot Communications Ltd., a leading provider of security and monetization solutions that enable service providers to protect and personalize the digital experience, announced today that VOO, a leading provider of broadband cable services in Belgium, had deployed Allot Service Gateway Tera, Allot ServiceProtector and Allot’s CMTS congestion management solution to protect against DDoS attacks, reduce cable network congestion and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

VOO is one of the fastest growing service providers in Europe, serving digital TV, telephony, high speed Internet and mobile services subscribers. As VOO rapidly expanded its business, the company found that frequent and unpredictable episodes of network congestion, caused by DDoS attacks and bandwidth-heavy applications, were leading to service degradation and customer churn.

Allot helped us surgically mitigate the dozens of DDoS attacks that were threatening our network daily and reduce congestion from 10 percent to one percent almost immediately,” said Tamara Leemans, Chief Technology Officer at VOO. “Furthermore, we were able to free up enough bandwidth to extend the lifetime of our existing infrastructure an extra two years and provide our customers with a consistently great customer experience.”

With Allot’s technology, VOO has been able to protect the network from security threats, gain greater visibility into the cause of traffic congestion and ensure high level of quality of service for customers.

VOO deployed Allot Service Gateway Tera and Allot ServiceProtector to deliver granular network traffic visibility, analytics and security alongside Allot’s CMTS congestion management solution, which provides real-time traffic monitoring and congestion analysis as well as subscriber quality of service (QoS) assurance.

With fierce competition and higher customer expectations, service providers like VOO cannot afford to compromise network performance and service availability. They need effective tools to combat security threats and unpredictable congestion,” said Gary Drutin, Chief Customer Officer at Allot. “By integrating our technology, VOO has been able to shore up its network security approach and improve quality of service, which will help them continue to win customer loyalty and drive revenue as they expand across the region.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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